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Sopoong-gil Community

‘Sopoong-gil Community’ is a barrier free local community center placed at Nowon-district, Seoul, South Korea. The architecture is mainly consist with the wheelchair ramp that extends all the way from the 1st floor to the roof top on the 3rd floor, creates community space with no boundary. With the ramp with no boundary, various activities can take place with the needs of everyone. The ramp contains flexible programs such as book shelves, rest area, galleris and extension space for performances. The ramp becomes creative and fun space for local children and community shelter for local people.

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Arbor Arena

The project for the arena at CasaCor Pernambuco 2018, America’s most important collective of interior design, architecture and landscape with its anual theme of vitality in spaces, was developed by parametric design’s methodologies and conceived as a metaphor related to the tree, due to its meaningful symbolism as a natural element representational of life and the ludic aspect it brings in the memories of playful and comforting moments shared with these natural elements, that will deeply affect the experiences people will have when inside the arena.

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Uchi creates food with fresh ingredients in ways that defy expectations. The design intent was to support this mission through the program of the building and the sensory experience of the space. A 7000 sf greenhouse sits atop the seating space. It supplies the kitchen with the freshest organic greens available throughout the year. Likewise, the materials used to in the space are common materials to the region, yet used in an unexpected manner. The southern brick wall is constructed of red bricks reclaimed from Denver demolition projects with the insertion of custom made crystal bricks.

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Oat Wreath

Equestrian pavilion is a part of the newly creating equestrian center. Object is located on the cultural heritage and protected by cultural area of the historical ensemble of the exhibition. Main architectural concept is the exclusion of massive capital walls in favor of transparent wooden lace elements. The main motive of the facade ornament is a stylized rhythmic pattern in the form of wheat ears or oat. Thin metal columns almost imperceptibly support the light rays of the glued wooden roof, which lifted up, with the completion in the form of a stylized silhouette of the horse's head.

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M4 House

M4 House is the result of the rupture of three pure volumes because of the orientation. The house locates at the top of land and it was designed due to the forest that grows around the house. The different volumes breaks themselves in order to create several points of view, orientations and openings in the facades.

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Volcano Eyes

This project is an entry for the competition called Nemrut Volcano Eyes. The team designed a platform, revealing a 360 degree panoramic view to the Nemrut Volcano's caldera. From this site anybody able to get a perfect view to one of the largest crater lake in the world. The platform is intended to link between man and nature in a natural and harmonious way. The shape of the crescend is mirroring the traditional symbol of Turkey. Using the surrounding natural materials, stone and steel, is highlited the very importance of protecting the environement.

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