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Dream House

Construction is completed in one month, lack of living and manufacturing supplies. The design focus more on how to capture multi-angled views from inside the house looking out rather than merely how the house itself looks like. The new part located on the east of the old houses, where the only available land facing the sea can be found, and it serves as a remediation of the lack of scale the old houses have to provide social gatherings. Reinforced concrete helps withstanding sea climate.

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Pazhou Vanke Plot AH040411 Building

The project explores a composition which not only optimizes views but also strives to present a powerful expression appropriately to integrate with its context. The tower mass straddles the Northern edge of the site to facilitate massing alignment with adjacent “GZ The Place” complex to the East – one of our built projects. The tower mass slenderness gives a strong vertical appearance as edges are focused towards main road intersections.

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Stone House

This house built to be a private getaway from the city has its main social areas surrounded by glass in a way that who is inside can fully contemplate the beautiful view of the woods. At the same time, the stone walls that embrace the rest of the residence guaranties the privacy of the intimate spaces.

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The Sea Vibes

This installation was designed using the language of the sea: waves, as it was designed for a residential project along the shore of Dalian Bay, China. The installation is a huge cylinder formed by double-layer copper plates, consisting of 6000 plates hung in the frame according to specific permutation. When walk around the cylinder, this installation looks like waves running one after another. When the plates move in the sea wind, flashing light and colors are reflected, symbolizing spindrift. This design reprodued the vibes of the sea waves with a fixed installation.

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There is a window on the entire surface of the road, and the living space which floated up in the air is impressive. In order to prevent the passersby and the resident 's line of sight from intersecting, he moves the living space upwards, giving a floating feel like a bridge. The function of the upper and lower streamlines which is the characteristic of the bridge and the direction of the gaze are applied to the design. Moreover, considering low carbonization and earthquake resistance, excellent design of tree structure was established.

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This residence features a high ceiling space and ensures the brightness of the main room even in a narrow area of the city. It can be used as a proposal of a prototype that made it possible to arrange a living environment by volume design of space. We also evaluate the realization as a zero energy house while securing earthquake resistance with a tree structure even in a large space.

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