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Lan Chuang Space

The renovated workshop will be a new type of multi-functional complex space, which integrates co-working, fitness club, light catering, buyer's shop, roadshow lecture and art exhibition. The biggest feature of the site is the southwest corner of the building, which is the only facade showing to the main street and the industrial ruins above it. Design creates the dialogue and integration among the architectural space, nature and industrial ruins scenery. A new spatial order is reconstructed under the logic of retaining the original factory building.

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The Linear

The project was inspired by the idea of Mediterranean scenery admiration towards olive grove, vineyards, blue sky and breezy south to west orientation. To maximise unobstructed views for all rooms a linear typology was adopted,a simple silhouette thus establishing strong relationships between people and nature. A sliding sun blocking aluminium screen controls and protects the interior from direct sunlight. Double height living space with glazed bridges is the focal area of the house connecting all rooms and providing views in and out. The long design surrenders to nature and follows the land.

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The designer aimed for visitors to experience the artistic conception of ‘hidden in nature.’ the entire project has two parts, the sales office and the commercial area. the sales office is a smaller part of the building, but is executed with an exquisite and delicate aesthetic. it is naturally engraved and hidden in nature, thus highlighting the concept of ‘seclusion’.

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Treasure Box

The architectural concept is based on the artistic supremacism that reflected the social and technological changes of the 1920s, with the intention of expressing the mutual influence and interdependence between physical and virtual space in the digital age. As a reflection of the real world, this project attempts to look beyond a single function of the sales office through improved design, so that it can enhance the quality of public life and lead people strive for a better future and make a positive contribution to the community.

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Built for comfort as well as being elegant. This design is truly eye-catching and remarkable inside and out. Features include oak wood, windows made to bring in plenty of sunlight, and it is soothing to the eyes. It is mesmerizing by its beauty and the technique. Once you are in this house, you can't but notice the serenity and the oasis feeling that takes over you. The breeze of the trees and the surrounding with the sun rays makes this house a unique place to live in away from the busy city life. The Basalt house is built to please and accommodate a variety of people.

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Quad House

With advanced and underlying design conception and construction approach, the building, once a dangerous one, was reconstructed to recall the attractive moment of the ancient quadrangle in the center of Beijing. Considering the difficulty of rebuilding and how to balance the style of the bar with privacy and respond to the whole context, the modern function was accentuated to blend into the historic surroundings to deal with the three paradoxes —— new and old, low-key and high-end, market and comfort.

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