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Goethestrasse 1

Their goal was to transform a very strict development plan into a site-independent architectural form, while the existing trees should become part of the whole. The architecture develops its own scale for the landscape and the built environment. The focus here is the definition of the relationships between inside and outside, the old trees and the architectural form. The play of light and shadow of the trees as well as the reflections of the water surface in front of the glazed facades create intense spatial atmospheres.

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Mobile Living Hall

The "mobile" living hall project, located in Changshu of Jiangsu, refers to a life hall analogous to the Mongolian yurts that hordes live in, which can be disassembled, moved and re-constructed. This design roots in how the proportion between standardized dimensions and aesthetics is balanced and how the harmony between fabricated components and styles is achieved.

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Weihai Hospital of Chinese Medicine

Weihai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is situated in a coastal pinus thunbergii forest in the East New Town of Weihai near the sea, which covers a total construction area of around 8000m2. The hospital, as a comprehensive health care facility, enjoys three main parts: programme exhibition center of the East New Town, Kangyang Yile Sanatorium and Medical Care Houses.

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Da Wang Jing Mixed Use Development

The project consists of four high-rise Grade A office towers including a corporate headquarters, a high-rise apartment building and a multi-functional commercial & convention complex. Podiums contain retail, F&B, banks and entertainment. The iconic building masses can be perceived as a complex of integrity, a staid image appropriate for a Corporate headquarters intended as a predominant commercial landmark of Dawangjing area as well as Beijing City.’

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Hong Kong West Kowloon Station

This underground high-speed rail terminus will connect Hong Kong to Beijing via the largest rail network in history. Located centrally in Hong Kong, within the city’s existing urban realm, the 430,000 m2 (4.6 million ft2) facility with fifteen tracks will be the largest below-ground station terminus in the world. The site’s prominence immediately adjacent to the future West Kowloon Cultural District and next to Victoria Harbour required a design that was completely motivated by civic demand.

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Dream House

Construction is completed in one month, lack of living and manufacturing supplies. The design focus more on how to capture multi-angled views from inside the house looking out rather than merely how the house itself looks like. The new part located on the east of the old houses, where the only available land facing the sea can be found, and it serves as a remediation of the lack of scale the old houses have to provide social gatherings. Reinforced concrete helps withstanding sea climate.

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