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The Cube

To create a quality living experience and redefine the image of a residential building in Kuwait while maintaining the climate requirements and privacy needs dictated by the Arab culture, were the main challenges facing the designer. The Cube House is a four story concrete/steel structure building based on addition and subtraction within a cube creating a dynamic experience between internal and external spaces to enjoy natural light and landscape view all throughout the year.

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Loong Palace Walking in the Moonlight

Horizontally there are two layers of enclosure to add on the spatial experience of the resident while creating more daily interactions with the building. The C-shaped layout enclosing the central courtyard, which is the core of family life. The building itself is also surrounded by the courtyards enclosed by the wall, forming three yards in the front, in the back and on the side respectively. The overall layout isolates the residence from the environment and ensures circulation and connection.

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The Black House’, is located next to a forest not far from Ammersee, one of Germany’s largest lakes one hour southwest of Munich, Bavaria. Encompassing an 80 square meter plot, ‘The Black House’ directly adjoins to a larger family home next door, yet is distinguished as an independent building. The residence is characterized by its carbonized wood facade, with rooms of different heights stacked together to create a variety of spatial situations.

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M50 Art Hotel is located in Pingle, Sichuan. Related to the local culture, Pingle is planned to be a music theme town. Therefore, the starting point of this project is around music. Further exploring the local genes, MUDA-Architects learnt that one of a well-circulated love stories happened here, and Guqin “Lv Yi” was the love token. So MUDA-Architects abstract the action of playing the guqin into architectural form. When the strings solidify at the climax of the movement, the final form of the building is obtained.

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Sonata is a housing project where aesthetics and function blend in front of the city’s eyes, where complexity and simplicity are one. Sonata is a white canvas in which the facade’s elements and the sun play to create different paintings with the shadows created by the stairs and the threes throughout the day; it is also an affirmation that uniqueness and low-cost are no longer oxymoronic, but rather two characteristics that can and should interact. With similar price and architectural program as many, but a sincere project where intimacy and curiosity were essential to the design.

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Lan Chuang Space

The renovated workshop will be a new type of multi-functional complex space, which integrates co-working, fitness club, light catering, buyer's shop, roadshow lecture and art exhibition. The biggest feature of the site is the southwest corner of the building, which is the only facade showing to the main street and the industrial ruins above it. Design creates the dialogue and integration among the architectural space, nature and industrial ruins scenery. A new spatial order is reconstructed under the logic of retaining the original factory building.

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