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This floating pavilion is part of the art exhibition ‘odyssee’ on mohnesee lake, Germany. The exhibition featured twenty-four artists who were asked to make pieces on the lake. Named ‘circe’ after the seductive witch from greek mythology, the pavilion provides a resting place for visitors as they swim from artwork to artwork. The theme of transformation takes shape through 278 identical pieces of spruce that turn and shift to create forms that are alternately organic and platonic.

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Manshausen 2 was completed May 2018 and part of Manshausen Island Resort. 3 new cabins were built at the north end of the island. A central pond of seawater has been established as a private lake for a new sauna built with left over material on the Island. The cabins are positioned out above the sea and enjoy a dramatic connection to landscape and panoramic views across the ocean. The sauna is somewhat more protected centrally on the Island, but is also surrounded by the same majestic landscape.

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Norval Foundation

Norval Foundation is a modern pavilion for art set against a dramatic mountain and vineyard landscape. The building’s architectural design is a pure expression of form; a bold rectangular mass, delineating its heavy-walled enclosure and light oversailing roof. The selected materials palette is raw and honest, comprising primarily precast concrete, natural timber, granite and glass, contrasting the natural landscape. The building is constrained by a linear site, between a busy road and an existing wetland, creating a private space for the sculpture garden.

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Long House

Sited far away from the city's heavy traffic, the Long house is designed to maximize sufficient amount of natural light and open air to enter the building. The building consists of three massing stacked up together and created H-shape form from top view. The massing on the upper floor are placed perpendicular to the massing on the ground floor in order to avoid direct sunlight. The building is called long house because of its long and horizontal massing shape. Concrete, wood, and greenery are elements that tie together the nature and man environment.

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Music House

Music House carries the idea of continuity and harmony of strains of musical tones as its design concept. The final shape is a result of transformation of one basic form into a seamless form that promotes continuity and connectivity from first floor to second floor. The building mass at the back is created higher than the front to recite the flow of music tones, similar to how the music goes from low tone to high tone. The facade consists of 2 types of element, solid and semi-transparent, just like how music has vocal weight.

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Hanging Villa

The project is to design a villa at the mountain side, surrounded by deep valleys and forest conservatory in Bandung. The building mass comes from the idea of stacking boxes which are rotated 270 degree to allow users to have different experience in different room and have almost 270 degree view to surrounding valleys. The building is oriented to take the full advantage of the sun position and perpendicular to the wind direction to maximize the wind to enter the building while the extensive use of glass openings allow natural cross ventilation and maximize natural light to enter the building.

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