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Inami Koro

How can architecture represent a culinary concept? The Edge of the Wood is an attempt to respond to this question. Inami Koro is reinventing the traditional Japanese Udon dish while keeping the common techniques for preparation. The new building reflects their approach by revisiting the traditional Japanese wooden constructions. All contour lines expressing the shape of the building were simplified. This includes the glass frame hidden inside the thin wooden pillars, the roof and ceiling inclination rotated, and the edges of vertical walls all being expressed by a single line.

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Tarkeeb Gate House and Garden

The Tarkeeb Gate House and Garden replaces an aging air-conditioned guard booth at the entrance of a restricted parking area on the College’s campus. The project provides an air-conditioned interior for a security guard, exterior shaded areas, drinking fountain and small garden for the security, janitorial and landscape campus workers. It incorporates an exterior parasol inspired by local mashrabiya (architectural screens) to mitigate solar gain on the interior air-conditioned booth while simultaneously creating a pair of shaded exterior living spaces.

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A Chapel in Switzerland, that integrates the landscape, becoming part of it. The search of the light is the concept behind the volume form. The interior space of the chapel was created to be closed towards the landscape, becoming a space of introspection. In opposite, the sacristy opens up to the landscape creating not only a meditation room, but also a contemplative space. There is a crack in everything that´s how the light gets in Cohen.

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Flamingo Club

The main building is also the access, enclosing the hall, the restaurant, a commerce, public areas and rooms. As the rest of the complex it had suffered a mixture of styles being cleaned with this master plan. The east and south facades have organic shapes while the west is more orthogonal. An extension in its east, south, west corner generates a transition between organic and regular. This extension links the nature of the preexistence but cleans its ornaments with pure horizontal lines creating a mass and void perception. The structure is set back from the facade to assure the continuity.

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Wuxin Minshuku

The architectural appearance of the restaurant is not a traditional square space, but a combination of smooth lines and arcs. Designers choose concrete columns as the foundation, so that the whole building floating off the ground, not only the shape of personality and beauty, but also to achieve moisture-proof effect. The buildings in the hotel room area are arranged in the shape of Chinese character 'Pin' to form a good sense of enclosure, while the stairs spiral around the bamboo tube structure, forming a sense of rhythm.

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National Trade Center

National Trade Center is a 165m tall office building prime located in Taichung city-Taiwan, within the emerging CBD. The iconic building replicates the unique silhouette of a bamboo shoot – a plant commonly found in Taichung which symbolizes prosperity in Chinese culture. The faceted façade undulates with horizontal awnings with distinctive rain covers and window-walls to emphasise the unique shape and curves of the building. The elliptical shape allows maximum light penetration to the office area.

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